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cradle will rock (1999)

A story about dangerous ideas in the 1930s.

Cradle Will Rock poster

Tim Robbins

Tim Robbins

Jean-Yves Escoffier

Hank Azaria
Jack Black
Ruben Blades
Joan Cusack
John Cusack
Cary Elwes
Philip Baker Hall
Cherry Jones
Angus MacFadyen
Bill Murray
Vanessa Redgrave
Susan Sarandon
John Turturro
Emily Watson


When I went to see this film, I thought it would be great. I mean, Tim Robbins wrote and directed it. Susan Sarandon, Bill Murray, John and Joan were going to be in it. I had no idea how fabulous it would end up being.

Maybe it's because I'm a history buff and I've spent some time learning about the WPA projects in the 1930s, etc., but this story is fantastic Olive standing in line for a jobbecause it brings to life a past that we should all remember. And by saying that, I don't mean to imply that it's heavy material - but it does have a point. It's a movie about dangerous words and ideas.


Bill Murray as the vaudeville ventriloquist. He is amazing.
Joan Cusack. Usually her roles are very small and you like her - this role is a departure from that and I love it.
Hank Azaria writing his musical - all the different "influences" at work on him. Margherita Sarfatti and Nelson Rockefeller
Cherry Jones. She is fantastic as Hallie Flanagan - director of the theater project.
The glass stage. Wow.
Vanessa Redgrave. Stupendous.
Diego Rivera's mural.
The performance of the play. This is marvelous - when it finally happens, it's magical.


Hazel and TommyThe panning continuous shot from level with Olive to rising above her and then into Marc's apartment - very fluid, very beautiful.
"Now who's the dummy?" scene with the 2 apprentices trying to learn not to move their lips. I love Jack Black.
Hazel and Tommy doing the mock testimony.
Discussion of the review of Revolt of the Beavers.
Hazel in the wardrobe - confession of feelings.
Hallie testifying about communism in tTommy's last performancehe theater arts project.
Hazel returning to work after testifying. Everyone turning their backs.
Tommy's last performance. Wow.
The puppet funeral and procession down the street.


This is about communism, not immoral procreation. - Hazel
They don't shoot the big fat beaver; they just kick him out of beaverland. - Hallie
The procession led by Houseman, Blitzstein and Welles. My theater has been seized by Cossacks. I need to speak with her immediately! - Houseman
We're not red, darling - pink, like a flower. We're homosexuals, not communists. - Sid
You are quoting from this Marlow - is he a Communist? - Rep. J Starnes